The Beauty of Data


Designed exclusively for the launch of the Polar Ignite 3 watch, this project uses data visualization with a personal touch, transforming features and activities into a unique work of art by utilizing data captured by the watch. It allows us to express every heartbeat, every step we take, and every minute we sleep in a visually stunning way. This project highlights the nuances in the data to create a personal artwork that tells the story of each individual. The focus of this project was to showcase the stories of three different people through data points recorded closely to the launch of the Polar Ignite 3.

To create a key element for the Polar Ignite 3 watch launch, our team at Racecar and K. Benzi presented design and animation proposals that highlighted the circle as a key design element to tell the story of circadian rhythms and mirror Polar products. Our focus on communication and understanding the client's needs was highlighted in our interviews with three individuals, which gave us insights into their personalities and the period that was recorded. By summarizing this information into color and form language, we created a personal artwork that told the story of each individual.

Our technical processes were essential in our work on communication. 2 million data points were collected and processed, ensuring the visual expression, including colors and form language, evolved in parallel with the 3D system, up to the deadline. Our design and assembly of a robust 3D system with a responsive user interface was crucial to efficiently update data. Through our work, we aimed to showcase the power of data in creating unique and personal works of art that tell each individual's story.

Read all about it on the Polar blog and discover the unique stories it brings to life.


Direction & Design

Racecar & Kirell Benzi






Sound Design

Project Managers (Edelman)

Jose Tirado / Jake Hillman

Creative Directors (Edelman)

Ben de Kovel / Milan Berg / Seema Sharma





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