Kiss - A Love Story

“Le soleil est le passé, la terre est le présent et la lune est le futur.”

As Paul Auster once said “The sun is the past, the earth is the present and the moon is the future.” We believe that every solar eclipse is the moons attempt to reach the sun…

Kiss was a labour of love for co-directors Joseph Hodgson and Franck Aubry. It sets out to explore something as innocent as a kiss. Produced with little to no budget, based on a modest but omnipresent theme – a love story.

Inspired by the world around us, and presented in an ominously dark world where it’s story slowly unfolds, leaving the viewer to make their own conclusions as to the outcome of the film.

Presented in glorious black and white, super widescreen format and with no dialogue it aspires to create a timeless aesthetic and story that has universal appeal. Kiss is a love story plain and simple, personified by the sun and moon and told as a solar eclipse. x

Praise for Kiss

"Kiss appears to have transcended its humble beginnings and evolved into something truly infinite and celestial. Its most refreshing quality is its untranslatable nature and the many readings you can take from the universal themes covered within. … with each viewing I take something different from its story, yet every time I am moved by the power and emotion held within its brief duration."

El Ves, Short of The Week

"Very exciting storytelling, and a great combination of sound and image. Incredibly beautiful, personal, and charged with poetic beauty. … An ambassador that not everything has to be high-end 3D, that being graphic and subdued is strong enough. … It has a kind of magic about it that is beautiful. The moon is trying to reach the sun, and manages to. A clear winner."

Visuelt July, Visuelt 2012

Behind The Scenes

A selection of images detailing the process and development that went into creating the film.


Direction & Design

Joseph Hodgson & Franck Aubry


Joseph Hodgson & Franck Aubry


Joseph Hodgson & Franck Aubry


'Stille' - Bendik

Sound Design

Erlend Elvesveen & Sven Erik Nordset





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