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NHN - Norsk Helsenett

The challenge of communicating complex information in a simple and accessible manner is one that we thrive on, and our work on the information film about Helsenettet is a perfect example of this. The goal of the project was to clearly communicate what Helsenettet is and what it offers, while emphasizing its value to users. The target audience was businesses in the healthcare and social services sectors, including specialist health services, municipalities, pharmacies, and dentists. We worked to strike a balance between accuracy and simplification, without sacrificing precision in both the text and visuals. In this project, we drew on the existing brand identity and design manual for NHN, created by Scandinavian Design Group, which allowed us to seamlessly integrate our work into their established framework.

The film was intended to be used on social media,, presentations and customer meetings, as well as the intranet. Throughout the project, our work on communication was focused on creating a clear and concise message that effectively conveys the value of Helsenettet to it's members.


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NHN - Norsk Helsenett


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