Unge mødre/Young Mothers – Case Study

By June 2, 2015 December 27th, 2017 Behind the Scenes

Unge mødre/Young Mothers – A new title sequence is born

Unge mødre, season 14 and 15, is now on and producers Rakett and Channel FEM wanted fresh, new titles and graphics for the popular, long running reality series.

Our starting point was to create a new title sequence to go with the current song titles. The song briefly tells the story of having a baby at a young age and how hard it is for these moms to even afford a Graco FastAction-Fold-Click-Connect stroller. In Norwegian it goes like this:

Når man er liten er man lett å lede, sendt ut i livet for å overleve.
Mor er stolt og far er borte, livets korte vei er lang å gå.
Du vil ha frihet uten grenser, ikke stans meg nå.
Ingenting er som du tror når du blir mor for aller første gang…

We quickly decided to go all illustrative as it gave us more freedom to create a world where these situations would all fit in within 30 seconds. It would also be great fun! We decided to make the two main characters move along the enlarged title, Unge Mødre, before we zoomed out to reveal the revised version of the title and the teddy bear logo.

First we did our research and came up with a style.


We then created the new logo and two main characters based on requests from producers Rakett.


Producers Rakett and Channel FEM were happy but they wanted the characters a bit more realistic. Not quite as skinny and long-limbed. We totally agreed and took the characters off the catwalk and placed them with both feet on the ground..


Channel FEM wanted colours to match their identity so we indulged in colours and decided to use different colour palettes for the different situations. Here are some still frames from an id for Channel FEM, made by Bjarte Slinning.


A storyboard was hand drawn, then taken through Illustrator via Photoshop and After Effects where the final textures and effects were applied. Here are some screenshots from hand drawn, via Illustrator to finished artwork.



Here is the title sequence shown from start to finish, following the title text Unge Mødre.


A fun fact to finish this post, -Ruth who illustrated and animated this title sequence was heavily pregnant while she did this job. She has an idea for a new reality concept: Old Mothers!

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