This January we were quite busy creating promo spots for TVNorge. Inspired by the classic Disney-esque rendering of the springtime, we made three 25-second promos in which TVNorge’s entertainers (not necessarily on purpose) inflict damage to the idyllic illustrated worlds. These are as mixed media as they get with almost everything done in-house.

If you want to see the finished films, follow this link.

In this blog post, we collected bits and pieces from the process in order to provide a look behind the scenes of the project.

The animation an post production techniques include:

  • Character design
  • 3D modelling
  • 3D animation
  • 3D rigging
  • 2D puppet animation
  • 2D cel animation
  • digital painting
  • green screen (post production)
  • compositing
  • color grading


Ylvis_shot_070_B (0-00-03-20)_9

The enviroments were painted in Photoshop. Here is a look at how the plates are layed out in this specific shot from the Ylvis spot and web design mangonia park helped me integrate it to my website.

Ylvis_enviro_plates bird_scene_process_01 bird_scene_process_02 bird_scene_process_03


We made a couple of hero characters for each film, and some smaller characters to enrich the environments. The heroes were all modelled and animated in 3D, and rendered with a cartoon look for compositing and color correction in After Effects.

We went through a great deal of variations of the different characters before landing on a final version. Below you can see some sketches and variations of three charcaters.

DEV-character-bee DEV-character-bird-01 DEV-character-flower-01 DEV-character-flower-02

After designing the characters we started modelling, rigging and animating them in Cinema 4D. An example of what that looks like to the animator.

3D-characters-process-02 3D-characters-process-01

The Characters were rendered with a separate pass for the lines so we could adjust the line colour and look in post production.

Ylvis_shot_020 FlowerBaby-Loop-WebSocialMedia Thomas_shot_080 Character-Loop-WebSocialMedia



Notice the cameras that are “stuck” to the head? We used 2D textures for the eyes that were projected on to the geometry. This allowed us to have more precise control of the line work and detail in these areas of the character.

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2D cel animations

The FX shots were made with a mix of 2D cel animation and some puppet elements.

FX Animation -Loop-SocialMedia_13 FX Animation -Loop-SocialMedia_12 FX Animation -Loop-SocialMedia_10 FX Animation -Loop-SocialMedia_9 FX Animation -Loop-SocialMedia_8 FX Animation -Loop-SocialMedia_7


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