Thank You Bendik

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To coincide with the online release of our first independent film Kiss we wanted to take a moment to thank Bendik who generously contributed their beautiful song ‘Stille’ to our film. Music was always going to play a big role in the production and in many ways has become a third character, giving the film it’s voice, complementing and enhancing the dark and mysterious tones we wanted to create.
Here is Bendik’s own fittingly apt description of their music:

“Bendik is a meeting between ice cold pop, warm ambience and melancholic, beautiful noise. An encounter that both grips you and lures you into turbulent waters. Bendik’s music belongs to a fantasy universe, deep inside a dark forest, “Foggy ambient pop from a wide, dimly lit landscape that can make your heart skip a beat – or sometimes, if the condition is right, even stop completely”

(No Fear Of Pop)

You can hear more of Bendik’s music here, and download ‘Stille’ here. Watch out for their debut album which will be released later this year.
Photo credit: Tuva Kleven.

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