A Void


Our award winning sophomore independent short film, an audio-visual exploration inspired by the hypnotic qualities of the sea.

Charles Bukowski’s poem: “As the spirit wanes the form appears” so succinctly encapsulates the notion of reductionism. Rarely have so few words spoken so much.

With this as inspiration, coupled with the wish to create an audio-visual experience, A Void evokes feelings of hopelessness, claustrophobia and loneliness, as well as aiming to simultaneously and in contrast invoke a sense of calmness and intrigue.

A Void also strives to provide a sense of hope whilst also throwing doubt upon what is perceived and that which is purely imagined, to strike a balance between the conscious and sub-concious.

A deceptively simple film produced with little budget, limited colour palette, sparse narrative and no dialogue it aspires to be open to multiple interpretations as well as alluding to something more sinister.

Praise For A Void

The jury was mesmerised by the film's beautiful movement which behaves like a living organism, with a symbiosis between image and music. Everything from the typography to the colour palette is implemented and executed with a masterful eye for detail. We wanted to watch it again and again, and the film became stronger with each viewing.

Visuelt Jury, Visuelt 2014

Behind The Scenes

A selection of images detailing the process and development that went into creating the film.

The above image was the primary and almost sole texture for the film. Painted especially for the film with acrylic paint on museum board.

The following images were used to texture the buoy, life ring and mine to give a worn and organic look. Many of these paintings went unused but are never the less an interesting part of the process. Acrylic paint and thinning medium on aquarelle paper.

The following are a selection of images showing scenes straight from the Cinema 4D viewport. A simple setup with one light, one camera, one plane and one texture.


Direction & Design

Joseph Hodgson


Joseph Hodgson



Franck Aubry

Sound Design

Franck Aubry

Sound Mix


Sound Effects





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