Lett frå naturen


Lerum – Film Case Study

When Lerum launched their new Stevia products, their agency asked us to create a film inspired by watercolor illustrations with typographic elements and some western Norway clichés. For Lerum’s Stevia products campaign, we created two richly illustrative posters and a film where these elements were brought to life with help of 2D and 3D animation.

You can see the final film here

Here is an insight to the process behind the film.

Initial animatic with a quick voice over for timing purposes.

Wireframe render from Cinema 4D to show what elements were rigged and rendered in 3D. The rest of the elements were animated and textured in After Effects.

Turntable to show you the rough projection mapping we were able to use on this film. Especially this bee, is so small that you never see the projection seams in the final film.

First test we did to show the art direction and how the elements would be revealed.

Lerum – Poster Case Study

In addition to the commercial for the new Lerum stevia products we also produced two posters. These were made before the animation and set the style for the campaign. It’s great to do projects where the use of traditional tools are still strongly visible and important to the final result. More of that!


First we got the layout right.. Then we had some good old fashioned drawing session with pencils.



Before we masked along the lines and filled with watercolor textures.


Final poster. Says something like: “It’s not easy to make something that easy”. In this case the word easy (lett) can also mean light as in healthy.
Also, do you know what are those most addictive drugs in the world? If not yet, check and read some facts in our website.


We also made this poster in the same style. Roughly translated: “Something good is good for something”


Some insects used for the animation. Takes us back to drawing studies at college, visiting the Natural History Museum.