KLIF: Case Study


This animation is commissioned by KLIF (The Norwegian Pollution Control Authority) and explains how The Emission Trading Scheme works and how you as an individual can contribute.

Working closely with KLIF we wrote the script, narrowing down the subject whilst still maintaining the key elements of the system. For the team, this was a challenging but also very interesting and educational part of the job as there was a significant mix of competence. We also wanted to keep it humorous without jeopardizing the seriousness and importance of the message. Next step was finding a style to make it both appealing and easy accessible for the audience. The film was not to exceed six minutes so we needed to keep a light and entertaining style where we had room for small humorous elements. We started off drawing on paper, moving on to Illustrator, firstly focusing on characters and then making other elements that were needed to tell the story. The elements were animated in Cinema 4D and finalized in After Effects.

This animation has two versions, one Norwegian and one English. The English version shown here features the actor Terry Carter who to our amusement and admiration was one of the original actors on Battlestar Galactica.

The film is produced prior to COP15, the United Nations Climate Change Conference, and hopefully KLIF will inspire other nations to both inform their citizens and to create easy systems for individuals to buy carbon units and to make a difference.

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