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By November 14, 2016 August 29th, 2018 Behind the Scenes

Pitch & Styleframes

After working extensively with norwegian broadcaster TV3 creating a refresh of their on and off-screen identity, where we were invited to take part in a pitch to create a promo for their upcoming coverage of the 2016 handball european championship in Sweden.

Taking inspiration from the sport itself, and the players determination, their passion, we put together a series of styleframes to illustrate our vision for the project. See images below:


Greenscreen & Shot Selection

After winning the pitch, we planned the shoot together with TV3, the Norwegian handball union and noted photographer Jens Haugen. We were lucky enough to film six players from the Norwegian national handball team, who took time out from their busy schedule to be a part of this project. Because of this we had a tight schedule with only 30 minutes to film each player. We filmed a set of actions with each player that made up a library of clips, that could later be keyed, cut and composited together to create the finished promo.

Below is a clip illustrating different sets of ‘throws’ from each of the players. We had similar collections for walking, running, passing, shooting, celebrating, etc.
throwWe could then select the best actions from each of the collections of actions in our library, key, cut and composite them into the different scenes. The film below shows shot selection and compositing from one a section of the finished promo.

Shot Breakdown

Below is a shot breakdown from the intro scene of the promo. We wanted to create an epic opening shot that would resemble an eclipse, building a sense of scale and grandeur right from the get go! Here there are multiple layers composited together to create the final image. Flat photoshop layers, combined with 3D animation of the ball and smoke simulations created in Houdini.

The end result is a bold and fittingly over the top promo that should stand out in the channel scheduling and hopefully get some pulses racing!

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