Fredskorpset – Case Study


The organization, needed a film to help to communicate what they actually do.

I love to go back in time and look at how a project evolved, from the very first thoughts and doodles to the final delivery.
Like all related projects, the story comes first. This part of the job is very rewarding and fun as we need to dive deep into a subject and always end up learning something new and interesting. We spent quite a bit of time on wrapping our heads around what Fredskorpset is really all about and ended up with a first version of the script/storyboard on post-its. I doesn’t look very pretty, but it was very helpful as we ended up moving around bits and pieces, improving and totally rethinking parts of the film during the process.


First Animatic:

As you can see, the animatic is basically the thumbnail storyboard on a timeline. It’s really rough, but was more than enough to explain the story to the client. Looking at it again, now that the film is finished, it looks really messy. But since everybody was involved from step 1, it worked very well.

Initial sketches:
Having figured out we need to show a lot of professions in this film, we started sketching out some simple characters/icons very early in the process to make sure that they would actually work within the film.

We agreed upon a certain look of the icons, but after a few more rounds with the client, we ended up simplifying the icons quite a bit to make sure they were as clear as possible to read.

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