Faces in Places – Book

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Ooooooh! Soooo evil!

Our team member, Franck, has been taking pictures of stuff that reminds him of faces for years. Suddenly he realized that there was a community doing the exact same thing.
Then to his great pleasure, somebody was about to make a book out of these as well!
And even better, a chunk of the book sales goes to charity!
What could be better than that?
You can buy it here.

These were his contributions:

“I’m the happiest tomb you’ll ever find! And that’s a promise!”

“Hug! We are the tribe who says “Aaaaaaah!”. Pleasure being scared by you”

“Is my make-up ok?”

“I guess the wise thing would be to stop smoking. But let’s be honest, I does make me look cooler, right?

“Eeeeeeh! Salvation anybody?”

“How this happened? I told him his team sucked. And it does!”

“Your cutest instrument pal ever. But he is a bit moody though…”

“Samurai Kalimba”

“I will win your heart with my comforting sounds.”

“Psst! You wouldn’t believe what I’m carrying!”

“Space invader commander”

“I’m waiting for my mum! Have you seen her?”

“Look at me! I can lick behind my eyeball!”

“A yellow dog? How peculiar!”

“I quit smoking. I have never been so happy!”

“There is a life after life! Now I can ghost around for a few millenniums.”


“HE is watching over us.”

“The power of my mustache will guard your family grave.”

“You know, I used to play in cartoons! I tell you, the 20s were the best of times!”

“Even the sunset couldn’t comfort him this time.”

“When I grow up I wanna be a vampire!”

“Trashcan guard”

“Your travel companion.”

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