Cheez Doodles – Case Study

By November 11, 2013 June 18th, 2015 Behind the Scenes

This fun project for Cheez Doodles arrived just as we had put the finishing touches on our new stop-motion/photo studio.Here is an insight to the process behind the film:Cheez Doodles are cheesier that you might think! Before we could start production we had to carefully prepare each and every individual doodle. The process started by shaking off excess cheese powder, which was followed by slowly drying them out in the oven overnight, in order to remove grease. Casting was next. Straight doodles were separated from curved doodles to assemble the perfect cast for the film. Doodles that were too small, too curved or just didn’t fit the bill were dropped from the production eaten!The whole process took several days to complete!You can view the final film here.

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