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Den Brysomme Mannen: Style Frames

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A selection of style frames for the title sequence to The Bothersome Man (Den Brysomme Mannen) These frames show the development and range of ideas we went through to arrive at the refined and relatively simple soultion that ended up making up the titles for this award winning film from director Jens Lein and producer Jørgen Storm Rosenberg. Read More


Trumf: colourful version

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TRUMF SMS-07 PR42 (0-00-02-20)
As you can’t have Object Buffers/seperate passes for materials in Cinema 4D, only geometry. As we needed flat textures, we needed to key out some parts of a model to use as an alpha channel. This resulted in brightly colored 3D renders looking more or less like this, which we thought looked quite nice.