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Kiss – Behind The Scenes

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The Following are a series of stills and films that show some of the work that went into creating our short film: Kiss – A Love Story. Here you will find everything from early animatics, style frames and unused elements as well as shot breakdowns. Click on any of the images to see them full screen…
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TV2 Valg – Early Treatment

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Early concept images showing an alternative treatment for TV2’s Election coverage. Our proposal was to have the logo cut in thick plexiglass that would refract spectrums of light like a prism. This treatment would enable us to show an equal amount of each colour on screen without showing bias to any specific political party. Read More


ResMed Cubes: Case Study

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This film was great fun to make!

With a mix of digital and analogue techniques, we were able to meet the clients need for multiple versions, whilst satisfying the agency’s desire for an analogue aesthetic.

The brief was clear in terms of what the film should show and how, we just took it a little further as you can see in the final version. We started off with the image above, that is frame from our pitch, and progressed the project through these steps:
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