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God Jul

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God Jul / Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of our friends and colleagues from all of us here at Racecar. We look forward to an eventful 2011!


ResMed Cubes: Case Study

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This film was great fun to make!

With a mix of digital and analogue techniques, we were able to meet the clients need for multiple versions, whilst satisfying the agency’s desire for an analogue aesthetic.

The brief was clear in terms of what the film should show and how, we just took it a little further as you can see in the final version. We started off with the image above, that is frame from our pitch, and progressed the project through these steps:
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Ian Sampaio

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We are pleased to welcome Ian Sampaio from Brazil as the newest addition to our team. Ian has been working as an art director within film, television and interactive projects since 2004 whilst in São Paulo. Ian has an impressive body of work over at his personal site


Trumf: colourful version

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TRUMF SMS-07 PR42 (0-00-02-20)
As you can’t have Object Buffers/seperate passes for materials in Cinema 4D, only geometry. As we needed flat textures, we needed to key out some parts of a model to use as an alpha channel. This resulted in brightly colored 3D renders looking more or less like this, which we thought looked quite nice.


Pass it on…

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An internal project, Pass It On, derived from the Dadaist game of Exquisite Corpse and the children’s game Telephone (Chinese whispers.) A collection of images is collectively assembled, each image loosely based on the previous, the result unknown until the end of the process. A great source of inspiration, and a chance to create something completely different! Read More