A Void wins gold at Visuelt 2014

By October 20, 2014 Awards, News

We’re delighted to announce that our sophomore short film ‘A Void’ has just won gold at Visuelt 2014 in the open class category! Our title sequence and program graphics for ‘På Hjul med Dag Otto’ were also nominated in the Program and title sequence design category.

Here’s what the jury had to say about A Void (translated from Norwegian):

“The jury was mesmerised by the film’s beautiful movement which behaves like a living organism, with a symbiosis between image and music. Everything from the typography to the colour palette is implemented and executed with a masterful eye for detail. We wanted to watch it again and again, and the film became stronger with each viewing.”

Here is the jury on film talking about A Void (in Norwegian):

And here we are picking up the award on the night: (photo credit: Espen Schive)


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